This magnificent power of love

This bond so solid

This coming together 

This oneness.

No matter what we did  

We’re beyond the things we said

There’s a deep, unshakable connection 

Held together by more than thread.

Rooted in our core,

The way we feel,

Everything else is truly trivial

We transcend all physical boundaries.

How can I even begin to explain?

What the wisest of sages can’t fathom

You and I – the inseparable ‘we’

Are a force with which they reckon.

– Ramona Arena 2016.
16th March 2016.

Shut Up Already!

They said the early bird catches the worm.
But who are they?
And why should their truth be my life story?

Words are all we have had to express ourselves.
And despite a million synonyms and such,
We are trapped and bound by how limiting they are.

I’ve come to realize,
Through life as I philosophize.
There is but one reality.

So pure and so true,
Nothing need be named.
Words are only for the deaf
As colors are for the blind.

‘Feeling’ is the gospel truth
Through music, dance & frame.
Touch, glances, moments, chances,
Convey what you can never say.

To feel so deep,
You didn’t see yourself bleeding,
To feel so much,
You won’t care about healing.

This minute, this second,
This smile, this tear
I never want to hear about it,
Just let me feel it’s real.

The Surprise Ingredient

I’ve been placed on the board,
Of tender, sweet wood,
As the Global in your hands
Shines sharp as it should.

I’ve been patted and rubbed
Just the way you visualised,
In innocent surrender
I lay there tenderised.

A fine professional chop,
Look at the knife go,
Julienne or perhaps brunoise,
Or just go with the flow!

It’s amazing you know,
This chunk of flesh,
No matter how hard you pound,
It grows back with resilience & strength.

Hope is pointless
It stops you from living
Isn’t the point of love
To be selfless and giving?

It has ceased to feed fragility,
This thing called hurt.
What’s the point of cleaning up,
If you never get close to the dirt?

Maybe I should be wreathing in pain
Maybe I should be crying again,
But these days all I can do is laugh,
Cuz if you wanted this, would you really let this pass?

Fear can only be overcome,
When one realises trust.
Things happened for a reason,
Things will be as they must!

As you sit so far away,
Thinking of the right thing to do,
Remember Love is just one ingredient,
And for it, there is no bigger fool.

Too Much to Handle?

I’m not promising that I’ll be easy to be with.
All I can promise,
Is that I will love you,
Like no other can or ever will.

That you’ll revel in every minute of the fact,
That my hand is the only one clasping yours.

That I’ll be the sturdiest path you’ve ever set foot on,
And with it, I’ll be the silence in the chaos, you struggle to seek.

I’ll be the voice of honesty,
Without caring if you can’t stand my song.
I’ll smother you in affection with attention,
Constantly in public, and at home.

I’ll be a ride so crazy,
You’ll have had your fill of theme parks.
I’ll be the dance of motivation and lazy,
For the battery of your happiness,
I’ll be your permanent recharge.

It’s easy if you really want,
All you have to do is let go.
Of everything and everyone,
That’s done and dusted, years ago.

The mind is a tricky place,
It festers and likes to breed.
My heart is your saving grace,
Don’t be a fool, just heed.

But remember this clearly,
Remember this straight,
I won’t stop living,
Cuz you keep me on wait.

Whenever you’re ready
To behave like man
Despite all my shortcomings
To love me as I am.

Pick up the phone,
The move lays in your hands.
I’ll be everything you’ve prayed for,
With a bonus of good madness, for all your lifes’ plans.


The Bourn Frangipani

One day
I shall have a home
One that I can call my own.
My terms, my rules,
My ways, my moods.

You see this won’t be just another nest,
For this one shall be built on foundations,
That I’ve gradually laid to rest.

Like the times you fucked me over,
By begging me to believe.
Like the pill I had to swallow,
Everytime I had conceived.

Like the hammer you used to deride and smash,
My spirit, my bones, my smile, my cash.
Like the nurture & care that you displayed,
By bitching me out and walking away.

Like declaring me to be your only true love,
With a fine 180, a few days later.
Remember the night you suddenly weren’t sure anymore,
After consistently begging, to be my lone ranger.

This home shall be a cloister,
In which I will be healed
I’ll sit in my garden, meditate to forgive,
To forgetting, I shall not yield.

Whatever made me think that I needed you,
When I’ve accomplished all this alone.
Thanks so much to everyone of you,
The fruits of your soul crushing labor, I’ve borne!

Motivation is such a beautiful disease,
Under it’s spell I’ll be,
As I make the life I want for myself,
To smile lovingly at my blooming frangipani tree.


She howls from within
She be screaming stop.
The tremors a magnitude 9.

Not a soul can feel it
She bursts lava
They point & shoot, it’s beauty defined.

Then they give lectures
And Ted Talks for
Inspiration. For
Motivation. For
Uplifting. These
Experts. These
‘I’m accomplished’ people. These
‘Know it all’ people. These
‘Achievers of success’ people. These
‘I’m up here talking; you’re down there listening’ people. These
I got 5 million likes people. These
I got 20 million hits people. These
Reflections of Gods.

Alien, alien
Dropped into this world.
Was this planet, the gutter of the universe
Into which rejected offspring of all planets lay dumped?

The orphan. Adopted. But why.
She be trying so hard to die.

The spell of strength
She’s been cursed with,
No prince can take from her side.

She be in trance paranoid
Kill me, just kill me.
Oh suicide. The only man left. Lost his hard on upon seeing her lust for him.
Then Twitter timelines burst
With claimed expert knowledge of him. And microbiology. And wall paint.
It’s the internet. Everything’s gotta be true.

Yes. She should be so lucky.
But the bomb killed them all, not her.
The children died of starvation, not her.
The guns misfired, pumping all but her.
Even the fuckin tsunami. Be taking it all. All but her.

Oh please. Bone and black.
Any expert analysis, you have?
Bring it. Attack.