This magnificent power of love

This bond so solid

This coming together 

This oneness.

No matter what we did  

We’re beyond the things we said

There’s a deep, unshakable connection 

Held together by more than thread.

Rooted in our core,

The way we feel,

Everything else is truly trivial

We transcend all physical boundaries.

How can I even begin to explain?

What the wisest of sages can’t fathom

You and I – the inseparable ‘we’

Are a force with which they reckon.

– Ramona Arena 2016.
16th March 2016.

How Far May I Go?

‘How far may I go?’

I ask my mind.

‘Seeing how

You confine yourself physically

To the parameters of a walled box,

Not very far I’m afraid’

It said.


‘How far may I go?’

I asked my heart.

‘Seeing how

You confine yourself emotionally,

Torturing and blaming yourself for love’s evasive existence,

Not very far I’m afraid’

It said.


‘How far may I go?’

I then asked my soul.

‘Seeing how

You confine yourself spiritually,

To the earthly limitations of humanity,

Not very far I’m afraid’

It said.


‘How far may I go?’

I finally asked God.

‘Seeing how

You are so desperate to believe,

In my existence, in justice, in miracles and hope,

Not very far I’m afraid’

Said… ?

-Ramona Arena 2016


Am I meant to speak through thoughts divine?

Am I meant to limit myself to words?

If I speak through my heart

Will you hear me clear?

Or must I resort to using hands and eyes?
There is no bottomless pit.

Even the ocean has a floor.

So why fear the unknown?

All that is meant to be revealed,

Is unfolded, inevitably!
So come, my dearest love

Lay with me

Among the dandelion meadows instead.
-©Ramona Arena 2016

Our Abundance!

There is a place

Where you and I will soon meet again.

Eyes fixed upon each other,

Relieved with gratitude.

For we have found with and within ourselves,

The divinity of eternity

The sanctity of commitment

The answered prayer of love.

And so, we stand intoxicated.

Deep in the familiar embrace,

Of a hundred thousand lifetimes,

Where we are safely back home at last.

This, is our blessing called abundance!

-©Ramona Arena 2016

Come home.

Come hither,
My foolish one.
So lost and confused
Is your mind.

There is so much love,
In the depths of your heart.
Let it out,
Instead of serving prison time.

Words of mine,
You can see and hear;
But it’s imperative in them you trust,
For you to stand straight up again,
Come, use me as your crutch.

Why fear that bit of dependency-
When all it does, is make things better?
You’re no less of a man,
For taking my hand.
Let me in, let’s do this together.

Come close my genius,
My fragile one.
I know you want to give.
I’m reaching out with all I have,
Please give us a chance to live.

-Ramona Arena, 18th October 2015.

Carpe Diem!



Did you know I miss you?
And I think of you in everything I see??

The air around me is filled with you!!
Have you cast some sort of magic spell?
Am I surrounding your world like this as well?
Do you feel the spark of the socket kissing the plug,
With an open mouth and mind and heart?
Does your heart feel happy at the vision of me,
That appears in your mind randomly??

Do you laugh at songs as they start to play,
Are you embracing my presence from so far away?
Do you feel me grind as the dj hits the decks?
Can you still hear my voice through my messages and texts?
I’m a silly child that’s running free,

Living life gratefully.
Who knows what’ll come or what we’ll let slip by,
Lets shake off all our demons, Surging forth, lets dive!
Life & opportunities are precious things,
Lets forget about tomorrow, immerse in all today brings!