There’s a note in my heart

With your name on it.

I’m going to read it

Cuz I’m not sure you’ll find it.

The note holds a song

Your name is it’s tune.

Won’t you please sing it to me

I’ll harmonise with you.

It is the eternal classic

You never tire of playing on loop.

– Ramona Arena 2016.


Hey guess what!I’m gonna promise you the world

Prove it to you with my actions

Make you believe everything I say

Show you this beautiful life we’re going to share together,

Just to make sure you trust me enough,

To give me that last thread you were hanging by

So I can wake up one random day and walk away with it

Cuz you know, I feel like it

Besides, I said from the start I’m fucked up, so I got my ass covered.

I’ll keep jam cruising

Doing everything I said we’d do together

Never bothering to look back

Never communicating with you again

Cuz my grammy winning ego is satiated –

I got the girl that said no to everyone

Since she was a fragile, broken, orphaned little lamb.

Fuck that shit.

I got her to cave. And I’ve got her last thread too.