The Healing

We’ll be healed

We’ll be fine

Once we’re done

With all the cryin.

Cross the days

Count the nights

This very darkness

Will be our light.

I feel the future

Together life renewed

We’ll get through this

Just me and you.

-Ramona Arena 2016


From my heart to yours…

Stand under the rays

Of the sun with open arms.

Surrender with eyes shut tight,

Heart open wide.


Let the light of purity,

Heal every nook and cranny;

Evaporate anything that lays buried or hidden,

Which is no longer of benefit to you.


Let the light of love

Fill any holes

Without even letting you know,

They were bare


Let the light of forgiveness

Beam upon you kindly

As you allow the light,

To penetrate your soul,

Purify your mind.


Release it all,

With deep breaths of sweetness,

Everything you possess,

Except the peace

Which causes you to smile within,

Even though you deny it.


Accept the love,

Dance in the blessings.

The sun shines for you dearest,

With all her might!

Get drunk with gratitude

Let it be your light,

So even if the sun does set,

You’ll sail through every tide!


People do things.

Stupid things.

Destructive things.

But everything can be forgiven – 

Perhaps not forgotten.

Everything can be worked upon.

And healed.

Before you know it,

You’ve gotten through another hurdle.

Together, emerges stronger than ever.

– Ramona Arena, 21st December 2015.

Come home.

Come hither,
My foolish one.
So lost and confused
Is your mind.

There is so much love,
In the depths of your heart.
Let it out,
Instead of serving prison time.

Words of mine,
You can see and hear;
But it’s imperative in them you trust,
For you to stand straight up again,
Come, use me as your crutch.

Why fear that bit of dependency-
When all it does, is make things better?
You’re no less of a man,
For taking my hand.
Let me in, let’s do this together.

Come close my genius,
My fragile one.
I know you want to give.
I’m reaching out with all I have,
Please give us a chance to live.

-Ramona Arena, 18th October 2015.

The Bourn Frangipani

One day
I shall have a home
One that I can call my own.
My terms, my rules,
My ways, my moods.

You see this won’t be just another nest,
For this one shall be built on foundations,
That I’ve gradually laid to rest.

Like the times you fucked me over,
By begging me to believe.
Like the pill I had to swallow,
Everytime I had conceived.

Like the hammer you used to deride and smash,
My spirit, my bones, my smile, my cash.
Like the nurture & care that you displayed,
By bitching me out and walking away.

Like declaring me to be your only true love,
With a fine 180, a few days later.
Remember the night you suddenly weren’t sure anymore,
After consistently begging, to be my lone ranger.

This home shall be a cloister,
In which I will be healed
I’ll sit in my garden, meditate to forgive,
To forgetting, I shall not yield.

Whatever made me think that I needed you,
When I’ve accomplished all this alone.
Thanks so much to everyone of you,
The fruits of your soul crushing labor, I’ve borne!

Motivation is such a beautiful disease,
Under it’s spell I’ll be,
As I make the life I want for myself,
To smile lovingly at my blooming frangipani tree.