People do things.

Stupid things.

Destructive things.

But everything can be forgiven – 

Perhaps not forgotten.

Everything can be worked upon.

And healed.

Before you know it,

You’ve gotten through another hurdle.

Together, emerges stronger than ever.

– Ramona Arena, 21st December 2015.

Thank You!

Perhaps a good time,
To say thank you.
For all that I’ve been given
For all I’ve battled for, too.

For personal evolution,
Growth forced me to stand strong.
I’m really thankful to people,
To animals, pen and song.

-Ramona Arena, 16th October 2015

Good Morning Heart of Mine.

Good morning heart of mine,
I wonder if you’d fancy a walk with me,
On cobblestone roads, secret wooden paths
Illuminated by the warmest rays, piercing through leaves and bark.

Where gentle, the breeze of silence,
Promises you undivided attention,
Where serenity grants you security
To unabashedly reveal your affliction.

I’d like to hold you if you’d let me
So I can lead you to trust
It’s a place where you’ll be loved for who you are,
Not for what or for benefit or lust.

Abuse was only a teacher,
That showed up to help you grow
But you seem to be touched so deeply by her,
You refuse to let her go.

Believe again oh dear sweet heart,
Plant seeds of forgiveness and fly,
Amongst the eucalyptus and wild chamomile,
Dance forth to the beat of your own creation,
For you are still alive!

Hello Gorgeous!

Oh yes, You!

You are so beautiful,

You don’t even see!

Your relevance,

Such significance

It’s almost uncanny.

You shine and glow,

But you won’t believe.

For you let the fog stay put,

In the guise of fear; insecurity.

If only I could lend you my eyes

To see what you really are.

Vulnerability is an appealing truth,

We’ve all misjudged for being weak.

And why do you interrupt your

Pretty, beaming smile?

Happiness is a worthy friend,

Consult your inner child.

We all have fragile hearts

That’ve been smashed to smithereens.

We all deserve much better now

So smile, love, breathe.

To be alive in a world with you

Is such a wonderful gift.

It’s one you must realize,

Without further ado, be swift!

-Ramona Arena 2014.



The morning song of the robin

You chirped to me each day.


Filled with such sweet melody

To camouflage the lies you claimed.

You remember!

Just like the Baya Weaver

You built a nest to pursue and impress.

The moment I conceded

You did a 180; what a fluttering mess.

Feathered friends regurgitate

Mainly to feed their young.

But I was left cleaning the filth

Around me that you spun.

I remember.

The golden amber of the April sun

Warmed winds that suddenly blew.

That’s when I spread my glorious wings

Flyin away never felt so good.

-Ramona Arena, 14th September 2015.

Happy Independance Day India?

Independence from rape,
Independence from gender bias,
Independence from female foeticide,
Independence from farmer suicides,
Independence from acid attacks,
Independence from environmental abuse,
Independence from illiteracy,
Independence from poverty,
Independence from racial hatred & religious bias,
Independence from bad roads & potholes,
Independence from corrupt leaders,
Independence from fearing freedom of speech,
Independence from bribery,
Independence from poaching,
Independence from lies, schemes and scams…

Oh India,

You truly are beautiful, your people have the sweetest smiles, warmest hearts… You have all the riches the world envies, breathtaking nature, heritage, culture, monuments, spirituality, arts, music, awe-inspiring diversity, colours, flavours…

Let us love our nation & give her, her forests, oceans, animals and each other the long overdue respect we deserve…

Lets support and give those who died for our Independence and those that serve us by risking their lives everyday for our safety, our borders, our cities the respect they deserve.

Lets be truly Independent, so we can each proudly say Bharat Mata ki Jai!!!



To all the flaky people in my life
This one is for you
You think I don’t know who you are
So sorry, but I didn’t get fooled.

For the times you did pretend,
To be my friend,
Taking as much as you could.
For the times you wished me ill,
Secretly hoping
I’d fall to the ground as you stood.

For the hidden hopes
You harbored within;
For me to give up and fail.
For taking all you could
By sucking me dry;
For your own entertainment and gain.

For all the lies you spread about me
Swearing to the world its true.
For all the gains you used me for
I still gave as I saw through.

I’m really not half as stupid or blind
As you like to believe is true.
I choose to keep giving, hoping and forgiving
The insecurities that you’ve been reduced to.

I’ve obviously done something right in my life
To have made it so relevant to yours.
Thanks for your efforts, I’m way stronger now
May your life find real purpose, a true cause.