Come home.

Come hither,
My foolish one.
So lost and confused
Is your mind.

There is so much love,
In the depths of your heart.
Let it out,
Instead of serving prison time.

Words of mine,
You can see and hear;
But it’s imperative in them you trust,
For you to stand straight up again,
Come, use me as your crutch.

Why fear that bit of dependency-
When all it does, is make things better?
You’re no less of a man,
For taking my hand.
Let me in, let’s do this together.

Come close my genius,
My fragile one.
I know you want to give.
I’m reaching out with all I have,
Please give us a chance to live.

-Ramona Arena, 18th October 2015.

Baring It All.

Just as the cool dew of morn
Kisses every blade of green
You don’t have to smile, she cooed
With moisturising timidity.

Parched, like dry, cracked land
For oh so long
He’d forgotten the taste of rain,
As her words he absorbed.

Tis better than the alternative
He grimaced unwittingly.
For he meant to flash another smile
Maintaining appearances & dignity.

Her tone of vanilla
Took on a softer hue
In order to lift the floodgates
And let the water through.

Leave it be
Let the candle burn.
Don’t worry about the flicker,
It’s a part of it’s sojourn.

Her gaze lay fixed
Upon his stare
Tears also make moments
Memorable and rare.

He looked at her suspiciously
As the winds of caution blew
Dark clouds rolled in continuously,
Squeezed dry, leaking through the roof.

With defences disguised in the form of clothes,
No recollection of when she stripped him bare,
He now lay covered in those very drops of dew
Reflecting her light through the sunshines’ glare.

-Ramona Arena 2014.


You’ve been calling my soul,
I’ve seen you follow the footprints I’ve left in the sand,
I’ve heard you whisper my name through the mist of the milky way,
I’ve seen you in the morning rays of the sun,
Hitting my eyes first thing each day.

You invite me into your world
But the doors are shut with bolts of fear.
You ask me to sit down,
On sofas that have lost their spring and shape.
You offer me a drink
In a glass that’s as clear as it is opaque.
I’m grateful for the rose you gifted me
The one you needed to take back because it had a few thorns.

The beauty of it all,
Is that I see you.
I don’t just look.
I see through you
And feel everything you’re thinking.
And it’s okay.
I have no place else I’d prefer to be.

There is no judging, no opinion, no frustration.
Only understanding and patience, that have never come by this easy.
Is this what unconditional love is?

You’re trying to run as fast as you can,
But you’re only looking back.
Yes, I can see that your bags are packed
But here you are, still staying put.

I still see you,
Frantic and nervous.
Do you see me?
Serene and still?
You run circles around the moon
But you can’t dodge my smile of earthed steadiness, of planetary stubbornness.


The Coffee Shop of Change.

Consistency would be the death of my spirit she thought.
He asked if she was hungry.
She wasn’t.
But he insisted.
So she settled for a Croque Monsieur & Cappuccino.

He looked into her eyes asking if something was the matter.
She bit into the crispy toast with the melting cheese sliding past the side of her mouth; she smiled.
Perhaps I don’t know myself as well as I assume I do: she thought but didn’t dare mention.
She nodded and looked right back at him saying, ‘thank you’.

She found comfort in his consistent knowledge of her happiness.
Maybe stability isn’t such a bad thing after all.
He held her hand and gave it a squeeze.

‘Now give me a bite will you? It looks so damn good!’.
For the first time, she didn’t bicker and moan about him not ordering his own food.
She laughed aloud as he picked up the plate,
Looking back at everything that was.

This – him, me, the sandwich, this moment … was worth the wait.
It was worth it all.
Love is always the right answer.


Carpe Diem!



Did you know I miss you?
And I think of you in everything I see??

The air around me is filled with you!!
Have you cast some sort of magic spell?
Am I surrounding your world like this as well?
Do you feel the spark of the socket kissing the plug,
With an open mouth and mind and heart?
Does your heart feel happy at the vision of me,
That appears in your mind randomly??

Do you laugh at songs as they start to play,
Are you embracing my presence from so far away?
Do you feel me grind as the dj hits the decks?
Can you still hear my voice through my messages and texts?
I’m a silly child that’s running free,

Living life gratefully.
Who knows what’ll come or what we’ll let slip by,
Lets shake off all our demons, Surging forth, lets dive!
Life & opportunities are precious things,
Lets forget about tomorrow, immerse in all today brings!