You’ve been calling my soul,
I’ve seen you follow the footprints I’ve left in the sand,
I’ve heard you whisper my name through the mist of the milky way,
I’ve seen you in the morning rays of the sun,
Hitting my eyes first thing each day.

You invite me into your world
But the doors are shut with bolts of fear.
You ask me to sit down,
On sofas that have lost their spring and shape.
You offer me a drink
In a glass that’s as clear as it is opaque.
I’m grateful for the rose you gifted me
The one you needed to take back because it had a few thorns.

The beauty of it all,
Is that I see you.
I don’t just look.
I see through you
And feel everything you’re thinking.
And it’s okay.
I have no place else I’d prefer to be.

There is no judging, no opinion, no frustration.
Only understanding and patience, that have never come by this easy.
Is this what unconditional love is?

You’re trying to run as fast as you can,
But you’re only looking back.
Yes, I can see that your bags are packed
But here you are, still staying put.

I still see you,
Frantic and nervous.
Do you see me?
Serene and still?
You run circles around the moon
But you can’t dodge my smile of earthed steadiness, of planetary stubbornness.