Lazy Sunday

Hazy Sunday

A lifeless wind in place.

Perfectly calm

Oh so still

The senses are deemed a waste.

Cool as the blues.

A mellow hum,

To the minor pentatonic scale.

Lazy Sunday

Hazy Sunday

This cheetah is now a snail.

– Ramona Arena, 27th September 2015.

Love Letter

Write me a letter,
Or write me a song.
For I cannot stand to be,
Something that is long gone.

Emails are fine,
As are messages and Skype.
But instant communication,
Is less charm, more hype.

So write me a letter,
Filled to the brim.
Pour your soul into it,
So I can feel how you held the quill.

Communicate with romance,
Keep the spark alive,
Go to the post box with a nervous flutter,
As I will, when it arrives.

-Ramona Arena 2014.