Don’t say a word.

Unless your fingers and tongue
Tell my bare skin what you heard.

So hush.
Don’t you dare speak.

Let tepid pearls of consolidated sweat,
Have us drown in saccharine sheets.

-Ramona Arena 2015.


The rush I get at the thought of you,

Sliding your fingers down the length of my spine.

If only you knew the joy that explodes through every blood vessel,

At the mere sight of your eyes.

That magnetic force,

Between tender lips and our aching skin.

That supple warmth between the sheets

Where thighs lay interlaced,

And divinity has new meaning again.

The eternal gypsy needs no home,

Other than the one, your arms can provide.

So take her quickly, to devour and heal,

She’s the one you’ll need, to learn to breathe.

-Ramona Arena 2014.


Pour into me whole
Flood me with such force
Shatter everything I’ve known.

Drown me in your love so deep
That I die with my past
Giving birth to a new me.

Crash into me with such vigour
That the impact of whiplash
Redefines hurt.

Thrust and erupt inside of me with such fervour
That your lava burns me to ashes
And I may merge infinitely with the universe that is you!

-Ramona Arena 2014.