Him to Her… (Part 1)

Beautiful soul wrapped in girl
I don’t know where you’ve come from
To rock my world.

I need you beside me
You’re all I can think
You’ve consumed every part of me
Yet I stand strong on the brink.

You push my boundaries
Past limits I’d drawn
With fears & insecurities
I was jailed in my home.

Fluttering and floating
You waltz into my life
Consciously aware atlast,
I’m gonna make you my wife.

-Ramona Arena 2014.


Happy Independance Day India?

Independence from rape,
Independence from gender bias,
Independence from female foeticide,
Independence from farmer suicides,
Independence from acid attacks,
Independence from environmental abuse,
Independence from illiteracy,
Independence from poverty,
Independence from racial hatred & religious bias,
Independence from bad roads & potholes,
Independence from corrupt leaders,
Independence from fearing freedom of speech,
Independence from bribery,
Independence from poaching,
Independence from lies, schemes and scams…

Oh India,

You truly are beautiful, your people have the sweetest smiles, warmest hearts… You have all the riches the world envies, breathtaking nature, heritage, culture, monuments, spirituality, arts, music, awe-inspiring diversity, colours, flavours…

Let us love our nation & give her, her forests, oceans, animals and each other the long overdue respect we deserve…

Lets support and give those who died for our Independence and those that serve us by risking their lives everyday for our safety, our borders, our cities the respect they deserve.

Lets be truly Independent, so we can each proudly say Bharat Mata ki Jai!!!