It’s always about you.
Whether it’s a song I sing,
A tale I tell,
A hug I give.

It always has to be about you.
So hold on to me tight.
I’m in this with you forever and beyond..

– ©Ramona Arena 2015

**Illustration by @Puuung1 (on Instagram)


The Coffee Shop of Change.

Consistency would be the death of my spirit she thought.
He asked if she was hungry.
She wasn’t.
But he insisted.
So she settled for a Croque Monsieur & Cappuccino.

He looked into her eyes asking if something was the matter.
She bit into the crispy toast with the melting cheese sliding past the side of her mouth; she smiled.
Perhaps I don’t know myself as well as I assume I do: she thought but didn’t dare mention.
She nodded and looked right back at him saying, ‘thank you’.

She found comfort in his consistent knowledge of her happiness.
Maybe stability isn’t such a bad thing after all.
He held her hand and gave it a squeeze.

‘Now give me a bite will you? It looks so damn good!’.
For the first time, she didn’t bicker and moan about him not ordering his own food.
She laughed aloud as he picked up the plate,
Looking back at everything that was.

This – him, me, the sandwich, this moment … was worth the wait.
It was worth it all.
Love is always the right answer.


Hello, with no Goodbye.

There he was, this little ball,

With Mother cloaked in black.

Tiny legs trying,

But the pace of city traffic,

Kept holding him back.

The light shone STOP,

But people here are crazy,

Rules are for fools,

To hit the brakes,

They’re lazy.

So mother took no risk,

Alert and alarmed,

With no time to waste,

She stopped,

Scooped him into her arms.

She hurried across the road,

His head bobbed up and down,

He noticed me observing,

He smiled;

Waving his hand around.

My heart felt a rush of warmth,

Returning the smile and wave,

Back on the ground,

He turned around,

But my rick left in a haste.

-Ramona Arena, 15th September 2015.