Midnight Ramblings.

Sleepless in Ludhiana
With you on my mind.
I ought to be dreaming,
But my mind can’t leave you behind.

Won’t you allow me,
Just a bit of peaceful rest?
Must forced non-chalance
Be constantly put to the test?

How do I get through
All I want to say?
When you sit there locked up
In a soundproof room all day.

I need to stop
I must indulge slumber.
But if you’d like to get to know me,
You already have my number.




The milky moon
Shining full and bright
Negates the intensity
Of the ebony night

Beaming down
Upon the sea
He boasts aloud
Drunk with vanity.

The stars weren’t bothered
They just ignored
The pompous moon
With claims so broad.

‘They’re filled with envy’
He justified,
‘But I control you beings
With water and tide.’

Now a lone urchin boy
Seated on a rock
Looked up at the moon
Thinking ‘what a shmuck!’

He kept on ranting
Till the lad could take no more
‘Shut up you dim wit
Your flatulence, I abhore.’

Aghast, the moon scowled
‘Who do you think you are!
Don’t you know who I am?
I can wreck you with my power!’

‘You’re nothing alone
You can only shine
Because the sun loves you
And lets you steal her light

You’re not even a planet
You can’t host or sustain life
You’re dented, cold and old
A lonely satellite’

‘You know not what I had to go through
To evolve and get to this stage.
There’d be no earth without me
No animals nor human race.

Just like the other scum
All that you can see
Is a rabbit on my face
But I stabilize thee!

All of you ingrates
Your time will come
When I leave your sight
Disaster will be done!

And then you will remember
All I wanted was respect and affection.
But you are a selfish species
Bringing doom upon creation.’

23rd Aug 2015. Ramona Arena.

Hello, with no Goodbye.

There he was, this little ball,

With Mother cloaked in black.

Tiny legs trying,

But the pace of city traffic,

Kept holding him back.

The light shone STOP,

But people here are crazy,

Rules are for fools,

To hit the brakes,

They’re lazy.

So mother took no risk,

Alert and alarmed,

With no time to waste,

She stopped,

Scooped him into her arms.

She hurried across the road,

His head bobbed up and down,

He noticed me observing,

He smiled;

Waving his hand around.

My heart felt a rush of warmth,

Returning the smile and wave,

Back on the ground,

He turned around,

But my rick left in a haste.

-Ramona Arena, 15th September 2015.