How Are You?

No one dare come near me

No one dare touch me

With hands of slime

And mouths of lies.

My ears hurt

My uterus screams

My skin coils

With the slightest touch

Even of healing massages

I’d once loved.

My world is tar

Sticky and dark

Rancid and hard

Keeps breaking under the weight of unbearable loads

Loathsome to myself

Relentless disposition to harm

This is my everyday.

How’s that for an answer

When you ask if I’m okay

Because you care.

About me.


All you care about is disguising your truth

Mere consolation for your shame and guilt.

Speak the fuck up!

You burned these ears that can’t hear you.

Stand the fuck up!

And find a way to get through

Past these gates and walls you helped build.

– Ramona Arena 2016. 

(Awoke and wrote this in the wee hours of morn, on 13th December 2016.)

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